Practice Management System

Practice management simply is day to day operations of any health care facility including single or multiple physician practices and various hospital sizes. To effectively manage a practice regardless of its size, one needs to cover many different aspects including scheduling and appointments, operation coordination, health records, data analytics, insurance verification, billing and payment, and patient visit documentation and patient/provider portal. Current practice management models employ a large number of individuals to achieve their goal.  Our comprehensive telehealth practice management module assists you to manage your practice with minimal need for human resources. Our module efficiently helps you to run you telehealth practice.

MedReach Practice Management Modules

  • Database (including doctors, admin, and health care facility databases)
  • Scheduling and Appointments
  • Operation Coordination
  • Health Records
  • Data Analytics
  • Insurance verification, Billing and Payment
  • Patient visit documentation
  • Patient portal (PtReach)
  • Provider portal (DocReach)
  • Administration portal (AdReach)

Patient to Doctor

The most important part of health care is the interaction between the patient and health related data with providers. Advent of technology allows a comprehensive encounter between patients and physicians to be established seamlessly. MedReach video visit module uses high definition video and audio capability combined with advanced medical record capability to allow a high fidelity encounter while maintaining privacy and data security.

MedReach Patient to Doctor Modules

  • On Demand Video Visit
  • Scheduled Video Visit
  • Second Opinion
  • Chat with Doctor

Doctor to Doctor

Novel practice of medicine relay on subspecialized providers to assist in diagnosis and management of patients. Doctors frequently engage their colleagues with various specialties to navigate the ever complex maze of diagnostics and therapeutics. MedReach provides an easy to use platform connecting doctors to doctors for on demand and asynchronous E-consult and Virtual Synchronous Consult including video consult.

MedReach Doctor to Doctor Modules

  • Virtual asynchronous consult (E-Consult)
  • Virtual Synchronous Consult (Video, Audio, and Chat Consult)

Telehealth Hardware

Computer and related technologies bridge the distances between patients and physicians and allow medical interview and physical exam to be done remotely. ROBOMED provides a comprehensive suite of medical devices including easy to use medical carts, exam scopes and equipment to allow healthcare providers to perform what they need to take care of their patients.

ROBOMED Telehealth Hardware Modules

  • Telemedicine Cart or Robots
  • Medical Exam Devices
  • RPM peripheral Devices

Group Video Visit

High fidelity video capabilities provide an excellent venue to connect the providers to patients in a group setting for patient care or education. MedReach group video modules provide a secure and stable platform to connect to multiple patients easily.

MedReach Group Video Visit Modules

  • Providers to Providers Group Video Board Meeting like Tumor Board
  • Provider to Patients Group Video Visit


Patients’ education and engagement in their wellness and health care improves clinical outcomes. Telehealth is an excellent tool to educate patients about their diseases through Internet-connected computer-based programs. MedReach enables healthcare providers and facilities to deliver various forms of education to their patients. MedReach education module contains a state of the art library of online presentations to provide medical and wellness information in a simplified form to patients.

MedReach - Education Modules

  • Provider to Patient
  • Provider to Group
  • Educational Channels

Remote Patient Monitoring

Chronic medical conditions burden health care system heavily. Close daily monitoring of the patients with these medical conditions will improve patient care and reduce hospital admission. MedReach uses state of the art platform and technology to provide at home remote patient monitoring (RPM) for chronic medical conditions and follow up of many after hospital discharge acute conditions including COVID care.

MedReach - Remote Patient Monitoring Modules

  • Daily objective and subjective health check remotely
  • Medication management
  • Wellness and chronic disease reminders and notifications
  • Chronic disease education

Virtual Care via AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the interactions between machines and human. AI in health care enables seamless and cost efficient, physician directed and supervised, delivery of care by screening, analyzing and assisting in diagnosis of various diseases. MedReach’s digital front door is equipped with DxCLEVER that provides a strong AI services. Our AI enables the patients, after entering their symptoms, to receive guidance on which type of provider to see. Our MedReach chatbots instantly respond to patients and seamlessly connects them to health care providers and thus, improves patient access and satisfaction.

MedReach - Virtual Care via AI Modules

  • Diagnosis and Triage
  • Virtual Chatbots